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White Box Space in Shoreditch

Shoreditch –  London, England, United Kingdom


£1,080.001일 기준


£1,080.001일 기준
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일간 요금£1,080.00
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공간 유형:
독특한 공간

층 / 접근성:
위치한 거리

수용 가능 인원:

908 sq ft

(최소 임대 기간)

참조 번호:


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이 공간 정보

The space located in Shoreditch, the heart of East London’s creative district.

It is 1 of 4 neighbouring white boxed spaces that can be hired individually or in conjunction.

It boasts great pedestrian footfall and has been used for a vast range of events including: Exhibitions | Product Launches | Talks | Screenings | Workshops | Pop Up Stores | Book Launches | Meetings | Fashion Showcases | Photo Shoots | Film Shoots | Set Builds | Auctions | Rehearsal Space | Automotive Showroom | Installations

The space has large windows, an all white colour scheme and huge glass entrance doors allow maximum light into the space.

Day Hire - 8.30AM - 5PM - £1,200 + VAT

Evening Hire - 5PM - Late - £1,200 + VAT

Full Day & Evening Hire - 8.30AM - Late - £2,000 + VAT

Discount rates are available on 7+ day hirers.

Venue Manager* £30 per hour.

Staff £25 per hour,

Security** £40 per hour - 50 people: 1x security 100 people: 2 x security 150 + people: 3 x security Cleaning*** £50 per Hour.

*Venue Manager cost applies on any hours after 5pm on weekdays and all hours during weekend hire.

**Security is mandatory on any evening event in excess of 50 people.

***Cleaning typically varies between 1 - 3 hours depending on the nature of the event.

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